Hello! I’m Sekhar Abraham

I’m Sekhar, I love capturing your special moments and days. Creating images that will make you smile from ear to ear is my passion. I’ve been told that I’m extremely patient and calm especially with children.
I ensure natural, relaxed and enjoyable experience. I pride myself on capturing moments that you will look back on and treasure forever and a huge returning customer profile which I believe has been possible due to the quality, patient and relaxed sessions.
My customers are my greatest inspiration as they are constantly amazed by the output and the quality of services. Wherever you choose for your special day shoot I’ll create a collection of images full of fun, love and laughter. I’ll be extremely honoured to capture your unique story in the places that bring you joy.I’m based in Essex, London and South East UK.

My Approach

My style is distinct, a result of both my unrelenting commitment to my craft and complete trust from clients who commission me.You’re not going to read about any awards, badges, or “top 10 lists” because what matters is you’re in love with the work that you see and are ready to trust me entirely to do what I do. This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation.


I am the primary photographer for all my bookings so rest assured that if you book me, you will get me!Unlike some photographers, I don’t limit myself to shooting with only natural light. I shoot using all methods. Natural light is absolutely beautiful but when you are up against adverse weather conditions or winter weddings then it really becomes important to be competent using artificial lighting methods.

Epic story teller
I love to tell stories. Stories that can touch lives. Stories that can make a difference, start a movement. Stories that connect, leave a mark. For delivering a matchless gallery you have to be mastery in capturing an emotional moment naturally. Knowing the craft will not only help you to tell a story beautifully rather you should acclimatise to the situation and know your gear. it is special in this way because even a small thing will become an attracting one when it meets our camera lenses. Preserve your once in a lifetime moment with us.

What I focus on
Giving a tangible souvenir of the best day is certainly a photographer is focusing on. With stunning imagery, the reminder of the big day should feel as an album in your hands to encourage you for embarking more adventure in your life. Let our captured pictures remind you all the time the vows you made together. Transform your love life into a magical one with the professionalism.

Have faith in
Some moments are unrepeatable and being exceptional storytellers, I always try to bring out the very best in every click. Small things which go unnoticed during the nuptials may create beautiful images. I believe that photography should be inspirational and fun to watch. Even the minute detail of the special day matters in this art. So,my approach towards each story will be unique to show my artistic excellence.

Ultimately it’s your story I'll be telling.

I am a photographer. Whether it’s photographing weddings, live music, sport or children, I crave the perfect moment.I like to observe and capture the defining little moments that give each occasion its own distinct feel and personality.I’LL BE THERE EVERY STEP OF THE WAY TO ENSURE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER.

All the ❤️ from our clients

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